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Can your reusable coffee cup change size? Pokito can!

Albi's thrilled to bring you this exciting new product from the UK, the brainchild of inventor Andrew Brooks. Pokito is proudly manufactured in Great Britain.

Pokito is a portable, compactable, reusable cup perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Its competitive edge is that it can be resized. By pulling the top of a closed Pokito, the user can take it to Espresso, Medio and Grande sizes.

As consumers fight the ‘War on Waste’ by choosing a reusable cup for takeaway coffee – Pokito ticks every box. It’s dishwasher safe, unlike many alternatives. It’s light and easy to pop in the handbag, unlike stainless steel or silicone. Thanks to a specially moulded band that won’t get lost it’s also especially sturdy – making it a breeze to fill and pop the lid back on. Pokito helps environmentally and socially conscious shoppers say ‘no’ to single use coffee cups that aren’t readily recyclable and end up in landfill.

“Growing millions of trees to manufacture billions of cups for a few minutes of convenience has to be considered a wasteful and ecologically unsound practice. I do believe there has to be a better way. We can still enjoy our daily indulgence and manage to safeguard the environment for future generations.” Pokito inventor Andrew Brooks


• One cup adjusts to three sizes, satisfying every coffee drinker

• Compactable for taking on the go

• Tested to last thousands of uses

• Snap-shut lid prevents spills

• Lightweight, just 110g

• Insulated middle band moulded in place so it’s stable and won’t get lost

• Anti-microbial finish inhibits bacterial growth

• Sturdy construction makes it easy for baristas to fill and replace lid

• Dishwasher safe and odour-resistant

• FDA-approved materials (thermoplastic elastomer for soft component with polypropylene band)

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