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Society Home: Style that Goes the Mile

Society Home

In the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. Let’s bring this idea home.

Many people prefer the classics. Seeing the home as an extension of themselves – they favour furniture and décor that is well-presented, sophisticated and poised. They’ll pick longevity over passing trends, viewing décor and furniture purchases as investments worth getting right. These people are cultured, cosmopolitan and well-travelled – yet love to come home to classical pieces that will always bring pleasure. 

So what is this classic style? Imagine stepping into an impeccably-furnished holiday home. A sun-dappled, inviting and eclectic space, tied together by a common thread of elegance and refinement. The type of dignified, breezy haven that beckons you to curl up with a magazine as sunlight disperses through crystal and glints off polished metal. Elements such as Chinoiserie ceramics, bone inlay and fine natural fabrics meld together to create a space of good taste, sophistication and just a hint of glamour. Textiles include luxurious crewlwork, silk dupion and trusty cotton. Furniture is all about the reliable core pieces that décor can forever evolve around. Knick-knacks and personal touches aren’t overly cluttered - but include trinket plates, candle holders and smart framed wall art. Ivies, topiaries, ferns, orchids and hydrangeas bring burst of colour and vitality against an otherwise muted palette. Faux is fine – as long as no one can tell. After all, this is style that never wilts! Furthermore, the sort of materials we’re talking about quench the thirst for ‘champagne tastes’ without being gaudy or vulgar. Prestigious, yet not pretentious.

For the personal shopper, classical pieces inspire confidence because they will stand the test of time. In times of measured frugality, who wants to blow a fortnight’s salary on a ‘statement piece’ that by next Spring has already outstayed its welcome? It’s little wonder consumers are favouring products that ensure aesthetic longevity. For sellers and stylists alike, classical pieces are no-brainers as they can be harmoniously worked in with other styles. Elements of crystal, ceramics and brushed metals transcend décor themes and are not too stereotypical of a certain era. This makes them a dependable way to substantiate any decorating project: whether the vibe is Hamptons coastal, contemporary, Art Déco or anything else spotted on the pages Vogue Living. In store – versatile style is the shopkeeper’s dream as it can be weaved into existing stock seamlessly.

Whilst we’re not looking at anything as era-specific as ‘prawn cocktails in the conversation pit’ was to the 70s, there is however still a comforting nostalgia to the classics. They offer the familiarity of yesteryear, but in a ‘tried and true’ sense - not outdated, tizzy or fussy one. We all love the best parts of the past, but don’t necessarily want to recreate the set of Dynasty.

Décor that reinvents tradition – through paired back form and an avoidance of oppressively heavy colours – offers consumers a fresh and up-to-date choice. Society Home’s collection lets you freshen up a home with foolproof style.

Society Home

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