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Ferment Homemade Yoghurt with Davis & Waddell

Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker/Fermenter

There's nothing like a bowl of creamy, refreshing yoghurt - highlighted by a drizzle of honey or perhaps a sprinkling of berries.

With Davis & Waddell's Electric Yoghurt Maker/Fermenter 2-in-1 you can prepare this nutritious snack at home.

The handy appliance lets you select from a variety of pre-set functions to easily create your own fermented delight. But it’s not just for yoghurt! Make soft cheese, pickled vegetables, kimchi and more. Simply add ingredients to container, select desired function and let the appliance do the work!

Homemade yoghurt takes just 10 hours and is an excellent source of calcium, protein and potassium. Pickled and fermented foods take 72 hours and contain digestion-supporting probiotics. Includes 1.6L container, 1.8L container and strainer. Recipes included inside the box.

2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker/Fermenter

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