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Seasoning and Caring for a Garcima Pan

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Garcima Paella Pan

Garcima’s authentic Spanish-made carbon steel paella pans are easy to season once you know the key steps.


Seasoning a new pan protects its surface from corrosion and builds non-stick properties.Garcima’s high-quality carbon steel pans come with a double coating so they reach the kitchen in optimum condition. However, here’s what to do after bringing home a new pan.

  1. Thoroughly wash pan in hot, soapy water using a nylon scourer to remove any residues. Dry immediately with a tea towel.

  2. Rub three or four tablespoons of cooking oil over the inside of the pan. An oil with a high smoke point (like flaxseed or sunflower) is best.

  3. Place pan on medium heat for ten minutes. Turn o heat and allow to cool. Take a paper towel and spread oil over the interior and exterior of the pan, including its base. Repeat process three times.

  4. After cooking, hand wash and completely dry pan. Then, wipe a thin coating of oil over the pan before storing.

Over time the pan’s patina will darken until completely blackened. This is the building of its non-stick properties. If the patina becomes chipped or has bumpy patches, pan can be scrubbed and re-seasoned. The surface’s colour does not need to be even. Always refer to care information on a product’s packaging.

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